“Great food, great atmosphere and great staff. Brilliant place to bring your mates to.”

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“We booked our team xmas lunch here,and the staff could not have been more friendlier. The food was just what it should be at xmas time.Just perfect.”

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“Opinion; How do you like the pub? Words like PRESERVED, HERITAGE, LISTED or ORIGINAL do not convey accurately the charm of the Duke, Roger Street, WC1N 2PB, and I much prefer the seldom used but more succinct term UNWRECKED. I won’t gush about the interior like an unmanned fire hose lest I spoil the surprise for first time visitor but the downstairs Gents is like a shabby portal to another age; how the walls must have reverberated down the years to the gentle sighs of its male patrons. Even the GENTLEMEN sign at the top of the stairs is a classic.

The pub is located on one of the roads less travelled and seemingly trapped in a perpetual sunbeam that has made all the difference to that amalgam of time, people and place we call atmosphere.

At peaceful times (and most of the times at The Duke are peaceful) you can hear the sounds of blessings being counted although it only takes a small group to burst through the sturdy double doors and disturb the delicate soundscape but thankfully this does not happen often. My offices are located in the same street but I restrict my visits to once or twice a month in order to avoid becoming complacent about its distinctive qualities. Nevertheless each visit has an air of being routinely special, rather like the omnibus edition of the Archers.

This then is my near-perfect pub (they sometimes play jazz) but unlike Orwell’s mythical Moon Under Water you can reach out and touch this one. Look out especially for the original 1930s detailing and the frosted glass windows bearing the legend IND COOPE.

So the next time you find yourself trapped in the sweet spot between equivocation and vacillation then make your way to the Duke where an Art Deco treasure awaits you.”

Letter from Paul Burrows to London Drinker magazine, VOLUME 39 /NO; 5 – Oct/Nov 2017

“Dear Everyone at The Duke,

Many thanks for yesterday, you were terrific. Thanks for putting up with all my mess and muddle trying to rig my show, for serving an excellent meal so quickly and efficiently, and really just being so friendly and hospitable. Members have been e-mailing me saying how much they enjoyed the day and especially praising the food and the ambience. I hope we’ll be able to visit you again – I certainly intend to call in one afternoon and sample a pint!

That’s two events that I have organised that you have been part of and both times I’ve had nothing but praise. You really are a special pub .
Best wishes to all,

Peter Charlton


British Puppet & Model Theatre Guild”

“Probably off your usual radar, The Duke is a surprising little art deco oasis between Holborn and Russell Square. Walk in on a winter evening and you’ll be enveloped in the smell of mulled wine and the heat of a crackling fire. Twinkling lights, leafy plants and art deco lamps are reflected in vintage mirrors that hang at angles around the wall, and you can sit in a booth of dark, gleaming wood, perch at the bar or settle down at a table to eat (The Duke serves nice – but no-frills – pub fare).”

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“An Art Deco treasure dating from 1938. This corner pub, now with a major focus on good food, is part of an offices and flat development and, like the rest of the block, has characteristic 1930s detailing and metal windows. The architect was D.E. Harrington ARIBA.”

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“If it’s peace & quiet you’re after, The Duke could be just the ticket. On the corner of a mews & an equally tranquil Bloomsbury backstreet, it rarely gets overrun by passing trade; instead it plays host to a genial bunch of civilised regulars…”

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“The Duke is a little slice of London from between the wars: heavy-framed mirrors, long-leafed plants, a black Bakelite phone and amusing deco details (pale green glass in the shape of a whipped ice-cream, a nymph cavorting under a lamp). The main bar has scuffed linoleum, wooden booths and, as if a warbly ‘When You’re Smiling’ and Billie Holiday on the stereo weren’t front-parlour enough, a red-painted piano…”

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“Slightly off the beaten track, this gastropub has a local feel and caters for local workers. The pub forms part of a handsome Art Deco building. The striking bar area catches the eye – Formica tables, bold red and black lino flooring – and the dining area is wood panelled with private, dark leather booths: the kind of place you can picture “Wyndham Lewis” sneering at you over lunch…”

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